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Medical Antisemitism Part 1 and 2: Introducing the AJMA

Medical Antisemitism Is Real…


A San Francisco psychologist recently told an elderly Holocaust survivor she needed antipsychotic medication because “the Holocaust never happened." First year UCLA medical students were required to attend a mandatory DEI class in which a keffiyeh-covered instructor required them to bow down and chant “Free Palestine." Doctors and medical residents have been recorded saying vile things about their Jewish patients, and filmed ripping down posters of Israeli hostages.These are some of the alarming things happening in healthcare environments as the contemporary intelligentsia openly embraces antisemitic ideas following the atrocities of October 7, 2023. The newly formed American Jewish Medical Association (AJMA) helps launch our spotlight on medical antisemitism with a double episode, and reminds us to take pride in Jewish contributions to medicine during Jewish Heritage Month. Listen to this podcast here: Medical Antisemitism Part 1 and 2: Introducing the AJMA

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